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Holiday E-Card

Project scope

Holiday e-card animated short delivered to over 1.2 million 407 ETR customers through email—wishing customers a safe and happy holiday while maintaining the 407 ETR message of reliability and safety.


30-second animated short with music in both wide and square formats for email and social media, as well as a holiday email template design and "winterized" logo. 


An illustrated scene using playful vectors is set in variations of the 407 ETR blue, cool tones were used to create a "nighttime" setting. Accents complete the scene using 407 ETR's brand red and a pale variation of the company's brand yellow. 

A play on 407 ETR's promise to safety is represented in the vector-style snow plow, as well as other forms of transportation showcasing the highway's efficiency.

A play on the well-known highway messaging sign is used as the main narrator for the card, and the final messaging and logo is re-created in the starry sky.


The email design uses elements of the highway scene as a footer, and a "winterized" header. The added snow compliments the playful vectors from the animation. 

The animation sits in the body of the email, with introductory wishes from the company. The animation plays with music prompted by the user.

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