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407 ETR at the 2020 Auto Show

Project scope

Family Day branding for 407 ETR's sponsorship at Toronto's 2020 Auto Show.

Representing the theme of time savings when using Highway 407 ETR, allowing more time "for the things that matter most."


Single 6' x 2' print banner and 10-second motion graphic in various sizes for display at the Toronto Metro Convention Centre.


Playing on the ideas of motion and togetherness, the "arrows" were abstracted and scaled to generate an image cutout, creating a glimpse into what using highway 407 ETR can offer—fast, and reliable service that gives you "more time for the things that matter most." 

Images of family and children were used to support the sponsorship of "Family Day" at the Toronto Auto Show.

407 ETR's brand yellow was accented with white, and extensions of the company's brand blue was darkened within the imagery to create a hierarchy of importance.


Scaled arrows with imagery were animated in a "revealing" manner, with smaller arrows acting as a tertiary accent to allow for a visual eye-trace of the information.


Text was broken down into sub-sections, revealing the most important level of text within the middle frames, allowing for the user to view the most prominent info regardless of when they look at the screen.

Text was animated in a hierarchy reveal to allow for quick reading while moving throughout the convention.

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